The Power
of Green

Say goodbye to space-consuming, noisy, energy-inefficient and high emission diesel engines and diesel generators that run around the clock. Bid farewell to wasting vast amounts of carbon fuels, polluting the environment and the expense of high maintenance. Say hello and shake hands with OctoPower.

Our OctoPower systems provide electrical power at locations where  electrical power is not available as standard.

Battery Storage & Solar/ Power
The heart of the OctoPower system is a durable power storage, made from Lithium Ion or long life lead-acid battery technology, charged by solar and/or windpower.

Super Inverter
Low voltage battery power is now utilised by the WhisperPower Super Inverters, ranging from 3 kVA to 32 kVA single or three phase electrical power. The Super Inverter now supplies 120 or 230 volts to the power system.

Super Charger
The WhisperPower Battery Storage is
re-charged by one or more WhisperPower Super Fast Chargers. Normally this Super Charger is connected to the main (or shore) power. But when main or shore power is not available, we can charge with solar or windpower and additionally, the ultra silent WhisperPower back up generator, complying with the most stringent emission regulations, such as Stage V and EPA Tier 4.

Monitoring and Control
WhisperCare monitoring and control safeguards a fully controlled and perfectly managed power system.