Improve your carbon footprint


OctoPower is the perfect solution to replace the public grid and traditional (diesel) generators


OctoPower is the generator running time reducer


OctoPower is the combiner of all power resources (Solar-, wind-, Generator- and Grid power)

Improve your carbon footprint

The Power of Green

Say goodbye to space-consuming, noisy, energy-inefficient and high emission diesel engines and diesel generators that run around the clock. Bid farewell to wasting vast amounts of carbon fuels, polluting the environment and the expense of high maintenance. Say hello and shake hands with OctoPower.

Concept explained

OctoPower marries a large bank of safe WhisperPower Lithium ION  batteries (LiFePO4) with a WhisperPower Super Inverter, a Fast battery re-charge system which may include solar and wind sources, and a silenced diesel back-up diesel generator (optional)  to allow any type of vehicle or vessel to operate completely off the grid.


OctoPower Markets





The Range

OctoPower system solutions are entirely developed and manufactured by WhisperPower. It is the ultimate single branded “hybrid” power solution comprising a wide range of battery-based power systems from 1 kW to 32 kW.


Technical Specifications

How to choose

The Right OctoPower

Our system advisors work together with the customer to establish the most efficient mix of different of energy resources in order to provide off-grid electricity with the most favorable carbon footprint. They analyse the conversion efficiency and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for the different OctoPower configurations.

Typical steps leading to the best solution are:

  • Determine the electrical power consumption (load balance)
  • Determine overall efficiency and non-fossil power generation component
  • Create a single line diagram to map out the possible configuration
  • Final communication with the customer about the system
  • Quotation, go/no go, in-factory preparation, supply, commissioning
  • Supply of multi-line system schematics and other technical documentation if needed
  • On-site warranty arrangements

On-site commisioning | 2-5 years warranty | WhisperCare | Worldwide Support


Examples of use

“This OctoPower 3 system is really great. I am independent of the grid but can still use all my 230V appliances, including my espresso coffeemaker, electric induction hob and kettle. When I am driving, I can charge up to 50 amps into the service bank and have never had any flat batteries. On my journeys I do not use landpower at all. The 310 Wp WhisperSolar on my roof is topping up my battery everyday. It is a great system” 

Wim van Eeden |  owner of a Ducato Campervan built in 2019

Some of our customers